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Get the most accurate, real-life food and fitness advice from a Registered Dietitian who is also a Certified Personal Trainer. If you want to put an end to all of the conflicting food and fitness advice and fads, put your trust in a real person who understands your body, your goals, your preferences, and your needs.

If you are unsure which services you are interested in, or have a question, please contact Certified Nutrition for assistance at cnomaha@gmail.com, or call 402-350-8664.

Services can be scheduled individually, or choose a package for a discount! Package descriptions can guide you to what you need, or ask for help at your initial session.


Individual services


Initial visit - including assessment, specific guidance, and goal setting: 1 hour, $90
Follow up visits tailored to your needs: 45 minutes, $65
Accountability check-in sessions: 15 minutes, $25


Packaged services (price always includes the initial visit)*


Guidance - $150

This package includes the initial plus one follow up, and offers information and goal setting specific to you. Whether you are interested in weight loss, wellness, disease management, or sports nutrition, this package offers you information to build on.

Kick-Start - $275

If you know you can "do this" but need someone to get you started, choose this package. It is the most popular! Kick-start includes the initial visit, simple meal plan, goals, and guidance over the course of 3 additional follow up sessions.

Accountability - $275

Are you someone who needs to stay on track and needs a little more support? It isn’t uncommon to simply want an expert to bounce ideas with, or to be accountable to. The accountability package keep you moving in the right direction, includes the initial visit, plus 8 additional 15-minute check-in or email sessions.

Structure and Support - $400

Do you need a strong plan in place, or feel like you might have a long road ahead? This plan gives you the structure, and provides you the non-critical support you need to work through your challenges. You will get 5 additional follow up visits (suggested bi-monthly) and the option to add group support. This is structured to be a 3-4 month program.

**Add a weekly (6-week) support group to this plan for $40.

Overhaul - $600

Clients have to decide they are ready for this package, because it means taking the plunge at changing life habits. Receive the benefits of the structure and support package, along with additional sessions that include fitness solutions, recipes/meal prep ideas, and individualized strategies. You will get 5 additional follow up visits (suggested bi-monthly), and 8 check in sessions. This is structured to be a 4-6 month program.

**Add a weekly (6-week) support group to this plan for $40.


*Package sessions expire 12 months after purchase. No-show or cancellation without 24-hour notice will result in loss of that session.
**Support groups will form upon demand.