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D.I.E.T.S. 365

D.I.E.T.S. 365

Do you have trouble sticking with healthy habits? Are you tired of complicated dieting programs? Do you feel like everyone else is enjoying success while you struggle with willpower? If so, D.I.E.T.S 365 is for you!

Take a new approach to traditional "diets" by making small, cumulative changes. "D.I.E.T.S" are Daily Inspirations for Eating and Training Success. In this book, written calendar-style, Jill offers specific daily challenges and strategies for turning small healthy habits into long-term lifestyles.

Follow the book in calendar order, or skip around. Entries are categorized with one of three icons: nutrition, exercise, or wellness. You may also use the icons to find the perfect goal for today. Whatever you do, get started now, to achieve your health goals one day at a time!

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